Classes Feature

Chinese Culture Day
To deepen the understanding of Chinese culture among parents and children, our school organized a Chinese Culture Day event. We invited two masters from "Talent Education" to perform juggling and face-changing. We also held the award ceremony for the "Treasure Hunt Pot" competition for the 2022/23 academic year. In addition, there were five different booth games set up, and both children and parents showed great enjoyment and involvement!
Splash Fun Day
In the scorching summer, the school organized a "Water Play Day" event to allow young children to experience fun campus activities and enjoy the pleasure of playing with water together.
Dragon Boat Festival Event
Our school organized a Dragon Boat Festival event to educate children about the origin of the Dragon Boat Festival. We had dragon boat races and conducted class-based DIY dragon boat competitions. Additionally, there was an activity where participants could taste zongzi (sticky rice dumplings), allowing the children to have a joyful experience.
Birthday Party
The monthly birthday party has a different theme each time, and both the children and teachers dress up in different styles. The children are also very engaged in the games and show great excitement! The entire school of children sings the birthday song for the birthday child, and it's truly a delightful experience!
Story Workshop
The school invited professional storytellers from the Andersen Club to conduct story activities with the kindergarten students. The focus was on interactive storytelling, accompanied by extension activities, to allow the students to enjoy the pleasure of reading. The older students also had the opportunity to learn the art of adapting stories and creating their own brand-new stories, cultivating creativity and fostering an interest in reading.
Family Gathering
The school organized a family gathering on the eve of Mother's Day, featuring performances, flower presentations, and parent-child craft activities. It provided an opportunity for children to express their gratitude to their mothers and fathers and thank them for their loving care. Together, they could experience the warmth of the family gathering. On that day, both mothers and fathers were deeply touched after watching their children's performances!
Easter Celebration
To help students understand the significance of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, an Easter celebration was held prior to Easter, including activities such as "Understanding the Origins of Easter," "Easter Egg Hunt," and "Pinata Easter Eggs."
"Fruit Party" Event
In response to the Health Department's "Happy Fruit Month" campaign in 2023, a Fruit Party event was organized to promote the message of the health benefits of eating fruits daily. Additionally, the event allowed parents and young children to showcase their creativity by wearing fruit hats they designed themselves and participate in the "Fruit Walk Show" competition. Congratulations to the winning children!
"Polite Baby" Activity
Every morning, a "Polite Baby" ambassador is assigned to greet children at the entrance, encouraging them to develop habits and attitudes of politeness and kindness towards others.
Guide Dog Lecture
Our school invited the Hong Kong Guide Dogs Association to hold a lecture, sharing knowledge about guide dogs. The children learned about interacting with guide dogs and even had the opportunity for close contact with them!
Chinese New Year Celebration Event
To celebrate the New Year, our school organized lion dance performances and a Lunar New Year bazaar. We prepared five festive booths with themes such as "Safe Journey," "Prosperity in Every Step," "Throwing for Good Fortune," "Five Blessings at the Door," and "Peace and Joy." Additionally, there were DIY windmill and DIY money box booths. The rich Lunar New Year activities brought a wonderful start to the new year, and the children showed great enjoyment and enthusiasm!
Planting Activities
In this "One Person, One Flower" planting activity, each level of children planted different vegetables. The K1 class was responsible for planting sweet potatoes, the K2 class planted tomatoes, and the K3 class planted bell peppers. Through this planting activity, the children learned about the steps of planting, increased their awareness of greening, and developed an interest in gardening. Look! The children are planting their own vegetables with great enthusiasm and seriousness!
Disney Graduation Celebration Event
Our school organized a "Disney Graduation Celebration" to allow this year's graduates to wear graduation gowns and don Mickey's "Graduation Cap" at Disneyland. They took photos together in the park, commemorating the graduation honor of all the students and creating wonderful memories.
Visiting the Hong Kong Maritime Museum
To familiarize the children with the maritime history and cultural heritage of Hong Kong, China, and Asia, the school arranged a visit to the Hong Kong Maritime Museum for the K3 students.
Visiting Chinese Methodist North Point School
Chinese Methodist North Point School invited our K2 students and parents to experience life in Primary One. In addition to touring the campus and facilities, they also participated in English, music, physical education, and STEM classes at North Point Methodist School. This allowed the children to gain an early understanding of the daily schedule and classroom activities in primary school.
Visiting the Hong Kong Science Museum
The school arranged a visit to the Hong Kong Science Museum for the K3 students. Through observing and interacting with the exhibits in the "Earth Science Hall," the students learned about the formation and structure of the Earth, tectonic plate movements, climate change, and various phenomena. They also had the opportunity to experience the powerful force of a typhoon firsthand. Additionally, the children explored other science exhibition halls and interacted with interesting exhibits, enhancing their knowledge of science.
Visiting the Endangered Species Resource Center
To increase children's awareness of protecting endangered species, the school arranged a visit to the Endangered Species Resource Center. The center exhibits approximately 200 items related to endangered species, including fur and leather products, traditional Chinese medicine, plants, live pets, and more. The exhibits are categorized into eight themed areas.
Visiting the Sky100 Hong Kong Oberservation Deck
The school arranged a visit to the Sky100 Hong Kong Observation Deck for non-Chinese-speaking students and parents. This allowed the children to enjoy a relaxed and fun atmosphere while taking in the panoramic views of Hong Kong and Victoria Harbour from a high vantage point. Additionally, students and parents could participate in the "Creative Finger Painting Workshop" at the Sky100 Academy, deepening their understanding of Hong Kong through finger painting activities.
Visiting Kornhill Plaza
To align with the theme, the K1 class students visited Kornhill Plaza to learn about the various shops within the mall, safety signage, and directional signs. They also learned about the things to be mindful of when shopping in a mall. The children in the K1 classes conducted themselves in an orderly manner while exploring the mall.


Community Field Trip

The school organized various community experiences for non-Chinese-speaking students. In this activity, the non-Chinese-speaking students and their parents visited the Madame Tussauds Hong Kong wax museum on the Peak and participated in engaging mission activities. This aimed to enhance the understanding of Hong Kong's attractions and culture among the children and non-Chinese-speaking families.



Visiting Shanghai Alumni Primary School

Shanghai Alumni Primary School invited our K3 students and parents to experience life in Primary One. In addition to touring the campus and facilities, they also had the opportunity to enjoy a splendid musical instrument performance by the senior students of Shanghai Alumni Primary School. This allowed the children to gain an early understanding of the daily schedule and activities in primary school.



Visiting the Hong Kong Space Museum

The school arranged a visit to the Hong Kong Space Museum for the K3 students. They had the opportunity to explore and interact with interesting exhibits in the "Universe" and "Space Exploration" exhibition halls. This visit aimed to enhance their knowledge of astronomy and space technology.



Gathering for Christmas with Jesus

To commemorate the birth of Jesus, our school invites all parents to come together and share in the joy of Jesus. We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year for both parents and children.


Family School Trip
The school regularly organizes family trips, and in the past, all teachers, students, and parents went to the Kam Tin Country Club in Yuen Long. Here, they had the opportunity to interact with various small animals, participate in dynamic games, and enjoy the lush green grass. Children and their families engaged in different activities, including playing frisbee, soccer, and flying kites. The weather was favorable, and everyone had a joyful and harmonious time.
Visiting FRESH Supermarket
To align with the theme of "Food," the K2 students visited FRESH Supermarket to familiarize themselves with the supermarket environment, explore the variety of products available, and experience shopping firsthand.



Visiting the Sunshine Smiles Fun Park
The K2 students visited "Sunshine Smiles Fun Park," where they had the opportunity to engage in interactive games and attend lectures to learn about oral health. These activities aimed to enhance the children's knowledge of different aspects of oral hygiene.
Visiting the Toy Library
The school arranged a visit to the Toy Library located within the Hong Kong Central Library for the K3 students. Through games and play, the children were encouraged to unleash their creativity while cultivating an interest in reading. The environment of the Toy Library was primarily centered around the picture book "The Little Mermaid," allowing the children to explore various game ideas inspired by the book and engage in free play. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves during the visit!
Intangible Cultural Heritage Hub Activity
The school arranged a visit to the Hong Kong Intangible Cultural Heritage Centre, specifically the Three Houses Heritage Homes, for the K3 students. The aim was to provide an opportunity for the children to learn about Hong Kong's intangible cultural heritage in a relaxed atmosphere. Additionally, the children participated in the "When Dim Sum Meets Steamer" workshop, where they learned about the process of making steamed dumplings and had the chance to create their own clay siu mai. They were very excited and engaged throughout the activity!