Kornhill Christian Anglo-Chinese Kindergarten

Kornhill Christian Anglo-Chinese Kindergarten
Arrangement of face-to-face classes and zoom meetings

Face-to-face classes arrangement are as follow:

ClassesResumption DateDateTime
K3 (A.M.)24th February(Wed)Every Mon, Wed & Fri9:00-10:45
K3 (W.D.)24th February(Wed)Every Mon, Wed & Fri11:00-12:45
K2 (A.M.)25th February (Thu)Every Tue & Thu9:00-10:45
K2 (W.D.)25th February (Thu)Every Tue & Thu11:00-12:45
K1 (A.M.)25th February (Thu)Every Tue & Thu9:00-10:30
K1 (W.D.)25th February (Thu)Every Tue & Thu11:00-12:30


Zoom meetings arrangement are as follow:

9:30-10:00K1Classes K1 Classes K1 Classes
10:00-10:30K2 Faith  K2 Faith  K2 Faith 
10:30-11:00K2 Hope K2 Hope K2 Hope
11:00-11:30 K3 Faith K3 Faith 
11:30-12:00 K3 Hope K3 Hope